Maths is awesome

So I thought I wouldn't be doing Maths this semester but hiding inside the CS modules that I'm taking is Maths. Woohoo! I love Maths although I'm very careless and usually don't do so well for Maths. Solving a problem is awesome. Seeing the brilliant answers of others is also awesome. I just saw one brilliant answer to a question I've been trying to find an answer to.

Yeah, I'm totally cheating :3

(Sometimes, I get stuck for too long. I would love to find out the answer for myself, but city life is too rushed...)

Circle Line Stages 4 & 5 Open on 8 Oct

Rejoice! The long-awaited Kent Ridge MRT station is gonna open in 2 months time. Unfortunately, I don't think it's gonna save me that much time this semester, seeing as I'm gonna be in Computing most of the time.

Taking the shortest route:
Bus (Home to Serangoon): 12mins
Train (Serangoon to Kent Ridge): 32mins
Bus (Kent Ridge to Computing): 7mins
Total: 51mins

Now if I just take buses:
Bus 74 (Home to Bukit Timah): 38mins
Bus 151 (Bukit Timah to Computing): 29mins
Total: 57mins

Now, if I go to Science (next semester)

Bus (Home to Serangoon): 12mins
Train (Serangoon to Kent Ridge): 32mins
Walk to Science: 5mins
Total: 49mins

What about buses?
Bus 165 (Home to Holland Village): 50mins
Bus 95 (Holland V to Science): 20mins
Total: 70mins

In the end, taking buses will probably be more value for money mainly because of the concession. But taking trains is a breath of fresh air, I guess? We'll see.