I once read somewhere that you should carry a notebook wherever you go. Have a notebook by your side while you're sleeping, so that you can jot down ideas from your dreams. Since then, I've always carried a notebook whenever it's practical to do so (for occasions where I don't bring my bag, I use my phone as a replacement). To be honest, some things I just jot down and forget about it. Because I always scribble on the next clean page available, so my notebook isn't that organised. But I think it really helps in scrutinising my thoughts (especially for things I have to visualise and Maths-related stuff hahahaha).

Opening my LG T-280

This is my first time opening a laptop. I have opened and closed my desktops millions of times, but this is my first time opening a laptop. I only wanted to change the hard disk to a brand new spanking SSD.

 First try: fail. There was no mention of how to open up the laptop in the user's manual, but that is to be expected, I guess. Why would a company teach the user to open up the laptop and screw things up? So I went by intuition. I took off all the screws I could see and then tried to pry the casing open. It was tough, but I kept on trying even though I was thinking, "it can't be that tough to remove". So I wasted much time trying to figure out how the hell you get this thing open.

 In the end, I did another search. I found a listing at the FCC which has internal pictures of the laptop. Peeeerfectt. From those pictures, I deduced that the keyboard has to be removed first since there were other screws beneath it that secured the case. No wonder I couldn't pry open the damn shit. Omg. Now, how the hell do you remove the keyboard? I had no idea. So I went to search and found many Youtube videos. Finally, the video showing how to replace an Acer Aspire 10.1 keyboard seemed to be similar to my laptop. But I need something thin to pry the keyboard open. Searching all my tools, I finally found one amongst the hard drive tools. Blah blah blah. I was so scared. But I managed to change the hard disk in the end. Assembling was a pain too. There was so many damn screws and damn holes that I forgot where to screw them back. I had to refer to the FCC pictures again. FML.

I almost didn't break anything. One small plastic part broke, but hopefully it doesn't affect anything. *Crosses fingers*. But it was satisfying. The new SSD is awesome. It's a Crucial m4 64GB. The capacity is really low, but I should be able to live with it.

Spending too much time on my programming assignment

Even though the assignment is like only 2%. Computer graphics is too fun. The good thing is that I get to learn C++ on the spot as well, so it's quite worth it.