AI assignment continued

Hopefully, this model can be extended to other biological systems as well, and we can learn more about why and how we exist.

Seriously after writing it, I can't help but laugh. Maybe I should keep this since it might lighten the mood.

My AI assignment

In this paper, I would like to model an existing biological system – how the lactase genes in our body are regulated. As biological systems are complicated and dynamic, it is reasonable to implement a model of those systems using a rule-based system like CLIPS, instead of standard procedural constructs.

Here are the few lines that I have finally managed to write after procrastinating for so long (every day I wanted to start on it, but there were too many other things which took priority. iCode, I'm looking at you.)

I don't even know where to begin. I don't know how I'm going to explain the biological aspects to my Computing professor.

But, you know what? That's part of life.

An important thing I learned in university is to always be ready to explain things to people who don't know what you're talking.



Just had some thoughts about "regrets". I think life is too short to be regretting too much. I think life is too short to be living in the past. Sure, have some regrets now and then, but move on quickly. Write your regrets in a notebook, then forget about it.

Sometimes, I have regrets about taking a major in Computational Biology. It's tough, and it's unpopular. But... I have learned many things I'd have not learned otherwise. For example, I learned that DNA sequence does not fully determine who you are. Your genes and environment interact to make you who you are. It's not entirely true that you're born to be smart, or born with a talent. That's all bullshit.

Sometimes, I think that I should have taken a major in Computer Science instead. But, life's too short for second-guessing.

Current affairs

Wells, beens a whiles since I bloggeds.

1. Mass Effect 3 had a terrible ending. Unless the conspiracy theory is true and this ending is just a troll by Bioware, in which case I would still be angry. At least the ride was good.

2. Renovation is a PITA. Dust everywhere. No easy access to fridge and stuff. Crates in my room taking up the space. I don't mind bathing the old school way though -- it saves water and is super quick.

3. Molecular biology had pretty unforgiving MCQ and each one was worth 2.5 marks. Please let me get a B+. It's my last sem taking any life science mods. Although I would be pleased if I just passed all of the life science mods. Fortunately, molecular biophysics seems to be more application-based, although I believe all life science mods always need supreme memorizing. LOL.

4. There's another test tomorrow. I'm facing burnout. Planning to skip my AI lecture tomorrow, although I don't wish to. But 2 hours could be life or death. Or not?

5. Interview with Mastercard on Tues.