Living in the moment?

People talk of the world shrinking and becoming a much more connected place, thanks to the advances of technology. But the "improved" connectedness annoys me sometimes.

Personally, I believe that it is imperative to live in the moment. And that means being present. How is it possible to be present when you're occupied with a tablet or a phone? When you're occupied with the TV, or with something happening half the world away? How is the person in front of you less important than the game you're playing on the phone? Being born in an era where being absent is common, I'm actually quite used to it. And I even do it sometimes. But sometimes, I wonder? When was the last time someone really paid full attention to me? To me, the person who is breathing right in front? You see, in this age, I'll be really, really impressed if someone could do that for me. Actually, it's fine not to pay full attention to me. Just pay attention to the surroundings as well! If people really notice, Singapore is actually a very beautiful place. I look at the flowers and trees everytime I walk by. There's beauty everywhere. Btw, there's this long sheltered path next to the NUS field. Everytime I walk there to go to school from the bus stop near the expressway, I move my head around and look at the blue sky, the fresh grass and I sniff the fresh air. And I notice the students walking on the same path just look straight ahead. Why?! I don't understand... The world is such a beautiful place... Why aren't they looking at it? What are they thinking about? It really pains me... that there is beauty all around and people just don't wanna see.

I have friends who say that travel can open the mind. Sure, but I believe that travel is only one of the many stepping stones. You want to open your mind, you have to start from your mind. There are more things overseas? There is nothing in Singapore? Open your eyes, and open your mind. A place is an anchor for your feelings, so you may find it more difficult to open your mind when you already have preset feelings for a place. So isn't it more challenging to open your mind while staying in the same place? And isn't it more rewarding, if you overcome that challenge?

I think it's sad that people say Singapore is such a small place and there's nothing to see here. But I say, that's because your hearts are small. Tell me that you have visited beautiful Chek Jawa (even I have not been there, but I'm sure it's beautiful). Tell me that you have visited the nature reserves in Singapore (you think tropical forests are all around the world?). Tell me that you have cycled on a mountain bike on a muddy "mountain" trail on Bukit Timah Hill. Tell me that you have trekked from MacRitchie to Bukit Timah reserve on a rainy day while carrying a bike. Tell me that you have eaten all the great food in Singapore. Sidebar: TELL ME THAT YOU CAN FIND SUCH A FAULTY MRT IN SINGAPORE?! Then you go overseas, and you actually find out that other places are worse.

So, anyway, Singapore does has its faults, but I just hope that people will think twice before they complain about the things that don't really matter, and appreciate the things that could matter.

P.S. I think I just wrote a bunch of crap.