Comp spree

So, recently I went on a computer upgrade spree.


Because 4GB of RAM just wasn't enough. The two measly RAM slots were already filled. And it was DDR2, so no (cheap) 8GB modules.

At first, I only wanted to change the motherboard and keep the processor (Phenom X4 955 was still reasonably fast, you know). I really wanted to stick with AMD, but the motherboards really suck. Seriously.

Processor, RAM, mobo

So, went out and got an i5 3470 from Bizgram (Fuwell was pretty expensive... / Though on hindsight, Best Bargain was even cheaper - by $20!!! OMG). Although the popular processor was the i5 3570K, I figured, I didn't really need to overclock, and I sure as hell didn't need better integrated graphics when I had a discrete graphics card. That is why I went for a H77 motherboard. I really wanted to buy ASUS, but the price... MSI was fine, but my last one was a MSI and I was really sick of the beeping everytime it started up. So I went with Gigabyte! Then I got the cheapest 4GBx2 RAM for a total of 8GB.


Well, then I got itchy and decided to buy an SSD. But they were still really expensive. That's why I looked online. Amazon frequently has "Gold Box" deals, sort of like a daily deal kind of thing. So I waited and got a Samsung 830 256GB at USD154.99. It was a good price, so no need to wait for price to drop anymore. Furthermore, a new model was coming in so they should be clearing stock. Good time to buy!

Now, I heard that Amazon likes to send you big boxes. So I figured it would be a waste if I didn't buy another thing. Now another good thing to buy was RAM -- it is hardy and light -- good for shipping (unlike, say a computer case, lol). So there.

I settled on comGateway because of their DBS discount (which also works for my POSB card). There was another discount from their Facebook page. And I ended up with almost free shipping. It took a while to get my package because Fedex Smartpost delivered on a Saturday, when comGateway was not working. But the trip from US to Singapore was pretty fast. About a week. Too bad they delivered on a Monday morning, when I was in school. I rearranged for delivery on phone, which was pretty smooth.


Actually I got a Logitech G15 keyboard from my co-worker last time. Actually, I only wanted to buy his mouse, but ended up getting the keyboard (peer pressure...). I don't like large keyboards, but I figured I'll give it a try. Although... in the end, it really irked me. So, I finally got a mechanical keyboard. From none other than Razer. A Blackwidow. NO MORE NUMPAD. Omg how liberating. I always wished for a keyboard without a NUMPAD. Anyway, ordered from the Razer store online and they delivered pretty quickly! (Like, the next day?) Although this time I wasn't at home too, so I asked the courier to leave it inside the "pipe storage space" thingy and he asked me to send an SMS to him as proof. :-/


Truth is, I don't know why I bought the HAF932 (maybe because my friend bought one last time I got itchy. and I was also paranoid about the heat issues...). It's a good casing, but it's really bulky and I finally got sore of it after years. So I decided on a mATX casing this time. Actually, I wanted to go for the Silverstone Temjin TJ-08E, because it's really small, but it was expensive to order it online. So I waited for the Fractal Define Mini to become available on Video Pro, and ordered it on Saturday. The expected delivery was in a few days. So colour me surprised when I got a call a few hours later. (P.S. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, BTW). Same-day delivery, OMG! Did they know it was my birthday?

Wonderful birthday present to myself.

VGA Cooler

I was also tired of the loud noise my graphics card made when playing intensive games. And it was so hot! I tried some stress test and it got up to 97 degrees Celsius! Then my computer shut off. LOL. Well the maximum threshold was 105C, so I wasn't worried. But the noise really irked me. So. Anyway, I wanted to order from Arctic Cooling, but it was quite expensive. I ended up ordering a cheaper cooler from Well turns out it works well! No noise can be heard even at full fan speed. But something sad happen. It takes up 3.5 SLOTS! What the hell. I didn't check properly and underestimated the height. Well, it just means my Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card had to go... (Although, I was sick of Creative's drivers. But still, the soundcard cost quite a bomb... Well, the cost is sunk though.)


Well, I ordered most of the parts online. Can't believe it. A few years ago, I wouldn't even have thought of doing that. Now, I don't even have to visit Sim Lim Square anymore!

Been a while

since I last blogged. Woah what a crazy sem. Being a TA really does take up quite a lot of time. I spend a lot of time preparing for class and grading stuff.

So, maybe I'll post about my computer upgrade spree next time.