Fried rice again!

Rice, left in the fridge for one day. Too bad it was the sticky kind. I didn't want to buy a packet of basmati rice... (it's damn heavy) Well it's a bit strange that fried rice is fluffy but it's not that bad :D

Chicken ham (no sodium nitrite): stir fried in olive/canola/butter blend, first thing to go into wok, then the ric
Egg: fluffy style, in wok but separate space, then mixed when half cooked
Romaine lettuce: sauteed in butter/garlic on a separate pan


  • Too bad no scallions! I'm sure it would have made the dish better...
  • Also, I should have put in more lettuce. I used 3 pieces and thought it was quite a lot and then they shrunk when sauteed ROFL.

Mini-review of animes this season and last season

This season and last season has a lot of great anime. Tens, even! Well, to me, ten doesn't mean perfect but more like close to perfect, or a masterpiece. Let me rave about some of the ongoing anime.

The Tens

Chihayafuru Season 2

I was tearful when they introduced a season 2 for this anime. Usually this kind of anime is not as popular as those flashy shounen powerhouses and studios may decide to stop animating it. This is a jousei anime (targeted towards young ladies) which has some shounen aspect in the karuta card game tournaments. What's so interesting about karuta, you ask? As the doctor says in episode 2, you'd have to try it to understand it. But the show is just great. And it transitions perfectly to season 2, even for new viewers. By introducing new characters, they also re-introduce the game at the same time. But I ask you not to miss season 1, because it is one of the masterpieces of its time.


School-life, card-game tournaments, romance (more of romantic ideals than romantic love)


  • Very strong interactions between characters, intertwined with the card game.
  • Very beautiful art. (I mean in certain impactful scenes there's these flowers and ornaments that pop up like this ) You can tell that the studio really put in their effort on making things beautiful. You can really feel the characters' conviction through their actions.
  • Shounen aspect makes the anime more exciting compared to standard jousei anime (the characters keep on going and "level up" even if they lose some games)


  • Characters are not so interesting by themselves (but this is a minor point, since the show is about interactions!)


This is a show from the last season that I've been planning to watch for a while but never really got around to watching it. Somemore it's a sci-fi show set in a steampunk environment, so it automatically gets a ten from me. Just kidding. supercell songs give automatic win though (Guilty Crown is an exception). The writing is so tight and the dialogue is so good. Like the reference, "Fools learn from experience while the wise learn from history." Also, that episode 13 twist.

The atmosphere is a bit dark and there are some gruesome scenes though (dismembered bodies, gore) but it's not as horrifying as Fate Zero or Monster.


Thriller, sci-fi, detective


  • Well realised futuristic world with little details like cool gadgets, interesting environment designs. (All human lives controlled by the Sibyl System)
  • Interesting characters with mysterious backgrounds
  • It really makes you think (is absolute control by the government always good? albeit cliche but done in quite a fresh way)


  • Probably not for kids. The director Motohiro joked that he wanted kids audience to have a trauma for life by watching this anime. (This isn't really a weakness, I guess)

The Nines/Eights

Zetsuen no Tempest

This show has an epic story that doesn't really pick up until close to halfway in the season. Then right at the big revelation there's suddenly a long hiatus. #RAGE


Fantasy, mystery, magic, apocalypse


  • Beautiful soundtrack. Orchestral music fits the mood perfectly (epic).
  • Nice writing and references from Shakespeare
  • Strong main characters and best "villain" ever (Samon, the ambiguous villain with perfectly appropriate motivations)


  • Evangeline Yamamoto is a really weak character considering the epic story. Even if she's there for comic relief... It's just *facepalm*

Bakuman Season 3

This is an anime about manga artists making manga. In other words, it was originally a manga about manga artists making manga. Now they just need to have manga artist in the show write a manga about manga artists making manga. Oh wait...

This show is very educational. I really learned a lot about the manga industry. It is really a show about rivals and friendship.


School life, drama, slice-of-life, manga industry


  • Unique concept 
  • Eye-opening
  • Great rivalry


  • I don't really like the character designs (especially the main heroine...)

Worth watching

  Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Genres: haremish, slice-of-life, school life

At first glance (and probably many reviews will say that), this seems like your typical harem anime. But the characters are a bit atypical. And the drama is actually not overdone. The struggles are quite realistic too. Plus the main heroine is just too moe. And, cats. Lots of cats. Catgirl. Nekoapollon. Warning: lots of innuendo.

  Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke

Genres: fantasy, sci-fi 

The pilot episode is about a prison break. Kind of hard to screw that up, right? So far I've only seen 2 episodes, but this is a potential ten. It ticks all the checkboxes of a cool shounen anime. Powerful espers, flashy fights, cool character designs! I love these kind of shows.

  Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Genres: fantasy

English title: "Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?"
About 3 humans with special powers being transported to another world where they are to play some life-or-death games. Sounds cliche but the premise is quite promising and the character designs seem good. Don't really like bunny girls but this bunny girl is quite cute. Main characters seem badass too. Might be worth watching. It's only ten episodes anyway.

Honorable mentions

  Fairy Tail, now at episode 165

Genres: fantasy
Well it used to be Bleach, Naruto and One Piece for me. But now it's really just Fairy Tail for me. There are so many interesting characters, and they manage to make them all interesting. Plus the fights are short and everyone has cool powers. Also, cats.

I really disliked the Zentopia arc but I love the current Grand Magic Games arc.

The reason I'm so slim

I have finally found out the reason why.

I don't eat enough >>>
I'm picky about food >>>
My mum cooks food I don't like 50% of the time >>>
I eat at home quite often

My mum says it's so hard to decide what to cook. Because she likes variety. But for me, I'm fine with the few favourite foods of mine. For me it's very simple to decide what to cook. She even tries to cook food that I'll eat. But still, I don't like 50% of her food. I'm grateful for her cooking and everything, but it's just me.

I guarantee you if I can eat in school everyday for my 3 meals, I'll be quite fat.

Sure I'm picky about food. But you know what? Forcing me to eat food I don't like isn't going to work.

Well, calorie restriction leads to longer life in rats. So maybe I'll get a longer life.