My final semester \ crossroads

Thanks to me overloading like mad previously, my final sem is quite relaxing. I even took an extra module for fun. After a not-so-frothy experience with Biophysics I last semester, I wasn't really looking forward to Biophysics II this time. But I was pleasantly delighted. The professor is so good. Yes, the person teaching the module really makes a big difference. You can tell that this guy is really interested in teaching. And not just that, he teaches more than the topic. He makes us think. What a wonderful prof. Too bad his lessons are at 8am, so I miss them a few times. Hahaha.

So it's already halfway into the semester. So fast. 2 more months to my final finals (unless I fail #touchwood). It just seems that the four years passed by so quickly. Every semester just passes by faster and faster. I guess I'll miss school. I actually enjoy the freedom of studying what I like. And I really like the well-equipped library. It's a shame some people don't use the library more. It's seriously good, man. I wonder if I can still access it after I graduate (for moolah, of course).

I'm reaching a crossroads soon (as cliche as that might sound). In fact, I'm probably there already. I wonder if I should take a grad trip. But I'd rather just take a half year or even a full year hiatus to do what I want to do and to think about things a bit more.

1. I would like to go back to my old place of work. Cosy and dynamic, well-equipped environment, reasonable distance from home, satisfying work. However, that might not be possible.

2. Overseas postings:

  • Cambridge, UK: research work totally related to my major in a cosy town. Pay is reasonable, environment seems good, work should be good fit for me. But it seems that they don't really need to fill this position, and pay is not that high considering all the things I have to do/sacrifice to work there and their living standards. Call me arrogant, but if they really needed me I'll go. Otherwise I'll contribute to my home economy #patriotic
  • Japan: I would definitely love to go there. I love Jap stuff and ramen and women. But the pay varies and isn't that good. And the working environment... is probably more stressful over there. Plus the Japanese workers are usually more conservative and hierarchy is very apparent. So, I don't know. I could be brave and try it out I guess, while I'm still young.
  • Overall, there isn't much incentive for me to go overseas yet. I'm not a big fan of travelling, though I do enjoy it and can probably adjust quite quickly. I already have lodgings here, which might cost a bomb if I go elsewhere. Plus, I do love my homeland. If I do go overseas, I'll probably choose a more relaxing location to work in. Actually, I'm probably also scared of change.

3. Game studios. I'm a huge fan of games. Seriously. My friend recommended me a game studio. I like the location (which should be in Hougang, and that means I can probably walk, saving me $$$). Their work also seems interesting, too. But I'm still considering it.

4. Freelance. I would love being my own boss, but it's a pain too... Maybe I can try to freelance after I graduate and after I have more experience...

Well, for me, as long as the work is meaningful and the environment is conducive, I'm fine. I find a lot of things meaningful. For example, bus drivers, taxi drivers, janitors. They all help people in some way or another.

Distance is also important but secondary if the working hours are flexible (main thing is to avoid rush hour). It'll be cool to work from home, even once in a while.

Pay doesn't have to be eye-popping as long as it allows me to live comfortably. Of course, surplus is always welcome :)