If we are to reduce smoking in Singapore

1. Censor/ban all media endorsing smoking. (e.g. movies, etc)
2. Start disallowing the younger generation to have access to cigarettes
3. Don't allow stores to display cigarettes on sale/don't allow cigarette advertisements (out of sight, out of mind)

Hmm, then again, these might not work after all...

Thoughts and behaviour

Recently, I've been reading a book that discusses the connection between thoughts and behaviour. "Rip It Up", by Richard Wiseman.

Common sense dictates that thoughts lead to behaviour. That is, your thoughts will your action. But there is evidence that action will also will your thoughts. Behave in a certain way, and soon your thoughts would change. Wiseman calls it the "As If" principle.

It may be faster to change your behaviour than to change your thoughts. For example, acting like you're in control, and soon you'll think you're in control. That can be useful for smokers who want to quit smoking. Smoking is a deep-set habit. And people lives go on in a routine way. It is hard for smokers who live life in a routine way, to change their habits. So perhaps one way is to change their way of living. For example, start to do things they don't usually do. Start small. In time, they'll think, "my life isn't that routine after all", "I can change my habits". This might make it easier for them to stop smoking.