People are treating exercise like supplements. Do this exercise 30 mins a day, do that 10 reps per round. That is total bullshit. We evolved to be active. Exercise are not supplements. They are a part of our life.

What do great athletes have? Strong mental fortitude. Part of building a strong mind, is building a strong body. Part of building a strong body, is building a strong mind. I find it ridiculous that people need motivation to move their body around. Because moving the body around is so... beautiful. So... free. So... natural.

Back to the basics, people.

People need to think

So I was at this water theme park in Sentosa last week. Before leaving, we went to the shower rooms. Of course, the girls shower had a long queue. The guys shower also had a queue, but shorter. I decided to just rinse myself at the poolside showers, which were unoccupied. After all, there's no real difference and I was gonna shower again at home. Why wait?

And that is why people need to think. Why do they like waiting so much, when there's an alternative? Do they have to follow the path that everyone follows?

That is why I think sometimes, people are too spoiled.

I am saying this because I told one of my companions went to wait for the shower despite me telling him about this alternative. I wasn't able to tell my female companions because they were waiting in the shower room already. So I ended up waiting for everyone.


I think movies are a waste of time. I agree that they do entertain, but I think the value is lacking. Why sit in some lame theater watching moving pictures? Why do people want their emotions moved by some moving pictures?

There are so many better alternatives. Running, cycling, for example. I think being in the moment, having your body in sync with the earth, is a much better experience. To engage your whole body and mind in some activity, that is what I call living. Would you consider watching movies -- living?

Books. Books have much developed plots and leave much to your imagination. Movies have condensed plots and leave little to the imagination (especially in terms of what is shown, like what the characters or setting look like. Of course the scenes can still have some mystery.)

The best entertainment is free.