The great USB port mystery / Little things evade you

For months, I was wondering why my front USB ports didn't work. I made very sure that the USB header was connected to the motherboard correctly. I even tried different USB headers on the motherboard. But no, it didn't work. I gave up, thinking that the front USB ports were screwed, and contained my rage at the distributor and manufacturer of the case (Fractal Design Define Mini).

Until yesterday. I decided to replace the USB ports with new ones from Ebay. So I recon-ed the casing by removing the front panel, and then, boom! The USB ports were not connected in the front panel... I suddenly remembered that I actually removed the front panel when I first got the casing and was putting in the hardware. Gasp! Another case of "problem is between chair and computer" (PIBCAK).

 I have a dumb streak.