Back from Perth

Managed to visit Central Park, an asset that FCOT owns. The location is really prime and right in the center of the CBD. The top of the building is also very obvious with its Rio Tinto sign (how is it not mistaken as the Rio Tinto building lol). Everytime we drive from the suburbs into the city I see that building. It's also highly visible from King's Park.

Would have loved to cycle around, but this is a extended family trip so it's harder to do so. I like Perth, but I still prefer Singapore. I think many people take Singapore for granted. Obviously going to places as a tourist you tend to see only the good sides of a place. Once you've been to other places you'll realise how cheap and clean Singapore actually is. One of the greatest things about a city is that it is efficient to live in. You don't need cars, and most of the times everything is just a short walk away. I think many people don't appreciate how convenient that is. And the weather? It can be hot, but it is consistent. It doesn't fluctuate so much throughout the day or even throughout the year.

I am still thinking about the crazy ex, and I was thinking about my experience with her while in Perth. I guess it affected me greatly, as compared to the first time she did it to me. It really opened my eyes to how women behave. She was an extreme example, being a supremely broken person. But women... really are the same in many ways. I am much more careful and wary now. I am only thankful that the scales have fallen from my eyes and that I dodged a major bullet. I have nothing but contempt for the way she treated me. Still, if it wasn't for this experience with her, I might end up trapped in some commitment with some truly sweet girl who'll end up milking all my resources. So I am still grateful in some way to her. I have thought about finding some way to tell her mum about her possible BPD, but... it's not worth it. She's just too crazy and massively unstable and who knows what she might do if she found out. She was right. I should grow up and get out of her life. Just let the toxic people in your life go.

It's funny though. All my life I have questioned why guys must chase girls and do so much crap to "prove their love". Why do guys have to take the initiative and do all the work? What's so great about girls? They take more than they give... After trying out "dating", and this wonderful experience with crazy ex, I have realised that. 80% of girls only want things from you. And they are never wrong. Having understood how they work, it's very hard to imagine being with one for the rest of your life. To be very frank, I've been waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet all my life. Now I know why it never happens. The modern woman wants everything but gives nothing. I've been socially conditioned by all the ridiculous blue-pill media.

I have nothing to offer women, and they have nothing to offer me. This may sound sad, but it is actually a very peaceful thing in life. Don't be brainwashed by the world.