Dating is pretty stupid.

So let's sum up the experiences with the dating game last year.

2 dates from Tinder:

1. Met this Japanese girl who didn't match her photos at all. Ok... I'm not so concerned about looks but...
a. she couldn't decide what to eat;
b. end up I decided and bought for her;
c. she asked how much it was just for the sake of asking with no intention of paying;
d. brought her to an exhibition and I even asked beforehand if she was interested in this sort of thing. ended up she was not interested at all. I was genuinely interested but because she wasn't I ended up just speeding through (fuck I'm too nice)
e. after the date just blocked me and ghosted me. very disrespectful, just like every other woman

2. This 20yo girl who super-liked me and did seem like a nice girl but was always damn busy because of her real work. Managed to meet her after a month and this was when I was already in a relationship with my ex. See I already knew that my ex would treat me badly so I did have a backup plan by instinct. Actually I'm quite impressed with my instinct. Anyway I met her as a friend and I would never cheat unlike women. But I don't know why I was so stupid to treat her just because it was her birthday. Ended up she asked for sushi and picking one of the most expensive items on the menu. #GoldDiggerRedFlag. Lucky she treated me back on my birthday albeit it was something cheaper and she totally didn't withdraw money and when she did she withdrew so little. Hahaha. Anyway from our conversations she indirectly told me she was a gold digger straight up. She also said she had so many guys chasing her. But she wants a relationship so badly? And she said she didn't have any relationships before but when I asked in person she said yes but not counted because so long ago and not really "official". I was like, okay, what a joke. #TooManyRedFlags.

1 date from OkCupid:

1. I think this was the most decent girl I've ever met. She liked Japanese stuff like me and she was actually a nice person and split the bill for ramen. And she also spoke Chinese. Unfortunately at that time I got into that toxic relationship with my ex. Anyway the dealbreaker is that she is not really the type to take initiative and I really had enough of that kind of thing.

Btw, online dating is really terrible. The girls get so many messages so even if you get a reply it's probably half-hearted. And they don't need to take any initiative because of the illusion of choice. The game is rigged. Anyway even if the game wasn't rigged the chance of meeting a girl who actually puts in effort is negligible.

Now, how about offline dating? Hahaha let's see there was this girl at work related to our landlord and this guy was trying to matchmake me I think 2 years ago. Talked over coffee and was like hinting me to chase her. I said I wanted to be single but he wouldn't accept it. So I agreed and let him set up a date, at Gardens I think. But then somehow he got back to me and said that it would be better for her to meet as a group. I was like wtf... so fucking shy. This is why I want to be single because girls are so troublesome. Luckily nothing happened. But recently the guy pestered me to add her on Facebook. So I did so that he'll stop nagging. I mean no harm for me anyway. Seriously... why do people want me to chase a girl who has nothing to offer me?

I still don't understand why guys have to take the initiative. When the risks all lie with the guys even though equality is touted you know something is wrong. Dating just means plan dates, pay for girls, impress them, while they don't need to do anything. Relationship/Proposal means spend time and money to impress a girl who'll leave you just because they don't feel like it anymore. Marriage means stuck to a girl who'll hit the wall after a few years and nag at you. I'm not hating on girls but just stating the truth. Maybe this is why so many of my friends are gay or single. Because they know it by instinct, that something is wrong with the world.

For 14 years I have not met a girl who tried to impress me. They all expect you to impress them. What a joke. They have absolutely nothing to offer me. Thus, I have nothing to offer them as well. This is the gynocentric world that we live in. Feminism is fine and all but now girls want to have their cake and eat it too. Go ahead then. There'll always be guys who're dumb enough to fall for girls.

Like me. With my crazy ex. Still very amazed that I dodged that bullet somehow. Girls are not reliable and cannot counted on in relationships. This is both from my personal experience and my observations of others. Especially what happened to my uncle where his wife ran away. And so many instances where women initiated the divorce or cut off the relationship. The truth is, women are the ones with commitment issues. I'm not saying that women are the only ones, but they are more likely to do so. And why would I take the risk? It's very hard to find a girl who'll add value to your life anyway. Getting involved with women has only given me problems. In contrast, guys seem like a better deal. First, guys are more reliable. Second, we share more in common. Third, I don't want kids. So tell me, isn't having a boyfriend better than having a girlfriend? They are more likely to treat you better!